Friday, 18 September 2009

It's All So Simple - When You Know How

I marvel at the technological world we all now live in. Nothing is impossible, and everything is available, now.

Software technology is no longer exciting, there are no more 'killer apps' to solve your every business problem.

What we now have is an open technological world. It's all been simplified so we can point and click our way to the solutions we each believe will fix our problems. But even in this simplified world why can't we do certain things? It comes down to two things - knowledge and skills.

I can't imagine what the world would be like if we were all brainiacs. But because we are not, we are dependent upon each other. We are all unique, despite each of us being able to categorise ourselves into stereotypical pigeon holes.

We work and socialise with certain groups because of unique characteristics. Those characteristics are the creation of skills and knowledge.

We have got where we are today by working as individuals and as part of teams we have created to achieve particular tasks. We are Team-World, (for all it's good and bad parts).

We as individuals might have the vision of a solution, but have neither the skills or the knowledge to realise it. So we team with people who can help use their skills and knowledge to achieve. In-house or externally, it doesn't matter, but we do need each other.

When you have a business problem, you don't know it all. So, get to know the team around you and any other 'teams' who have the skills and knowledge that can fulfil your needs.

It's that simple, when you know how.

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